About Project


The project "Justice for Victims of Sexual Violence in War" is implemented by the European Union together with the Humanitarian Law Center.

The main objectives of the project are to support victims of sexual violence while testifying in war crimes trials, strengthen mechanisms and procedures to protect victims whose basic rights are endangered, and increase people's awareness of war crimes, especially those related to sexual violence.

The European Union has been financially supporting the Humanitarian Law Center for 15 years and 600 million euros have been set aside for this project, which has lasted for three and a half years.

The support of the EU to the rule of law, judiciary reform and internal affairs in Serbia has amounted to more than EUR 163 million worth in the period from 2014 to 2020.

The assets used for the support to the independent and unbiased judiciary, efficient protection of citizens and communities, respect of human rights, correct implementation of law, fight against corruption, organized crime and human trafficking. 

The rule of law is the key prerequisite for peace, security and prosperity because it strengthens the social and economic capacity of the countr

  • Rule of Law
  • Peace, reconciliation and good neighbourly relations
City / District
EU Contribution
600,000 €
Negotiating chapter
  • 23 - Judiciary and fundamental rights
Implementation period
June 2019 - October 2023
Implemented by
Humanitarian Law Center